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My new novel June will be published on May 31st, 2016! Preorder June at your local indie bookstore, or: Powell’sAmazon / Kindle / Barnes & Noble / Nook / IndieBound /  iBooks

-June r3From the New York Times bestselling author of Bittersweet comes a novel of suspense and passion about a terrible mistake made sixty years ago that threatens to change a modern family forever.

Twenty-five-year-old Cassie Danvers is holed up in her family’s crumbling mansion in rural St. Jude, Ohio, mourning the loss of the woman who raised her—her grandmother, June. But a knock on the door forces her out of isolation. Cassie has been named the sole heir to legendary matinee idol Jack Montgomery’s vast fortune. How did Jack Montgomery know her name? Could he have crossed paths with her grandmother all those years ago? What other shocking secrets could June’s once-stately mansion hold?

Soon Jack’s famous daughters come knocking, determined to wrestle Cassie away from the inheritance they feel is their due. Together, they all come to discover the true reasons for June’s silence about that long-ago summer, when Hollywood came to town, and June and Jack’s lives were forever altered by murder, blackmail, and betrayal. As this page-turner shifts deftly between the past and present, Cassie and her guests will be forced to reexamine their legacies, their definition of family, and what it truly means to love someone, steadfastly, across the ages.

Preorder June at your local indie bookstore, or here: Powell’sAmazon / Kindle / Barnes & Noble / Nook / IndieBound / iBooks


My New York Times bestselling novel Bittersweet is out in paperback! Buy Bittersweet at your local indie bookstore orPowell’s / Amazon / Kindle / Barnes & Noble / NookIndieBound / iBooks 

Bittersweet PBBittersweet exposes the gothic underbelly of an American dynasty, and an outsider’s hunger to belong.

On scholarship at a prestigious East Coast college, ordinary Mabel Dagmar is surprised to befriend her roommate, the beautiful blue-blooded Genevra Winslow. Ev invites Mabel to spend the summer at Bittersweet, a cottage on the Vermont estate where her family has been holding court for more than a century; it’s the kind of place where children twirl sparklers across the lawn during cocktail hour. Mabel falls in love with the midnight skinny-dips, the wet-dog smell lingering in the air, the moneyed laughter carrying across the still lake, and before she knows it, she has everything she’s ever wanted: wealth, friendship, a boyfriend, and, most of all, the sense, for the first time in her life, that she belongs.

But as Mabel becomes an insider, she makes a terrible discovery that leads to shocking violence and the revelation of the true source of the Winslows’ fortune. Mabel must choose: either expose the ugliness surrounding her and face expulsion from paradise, or keep the family’s dark secrets and redefine what is good and what is evil, in the interest of what can be hers.

Learn more about Bittersweet here.

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Buy Bittersweet at your local indie bookstore or: Powell’s / Amazon / Kindle / Barnes & Noble / NookIndieBound / iBooks


My short story, Frito Lay, is out as a Kindle Single! Buy Frito Lay here.

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 9.16.55 AMFrito Lay is a dreamy, suspenseful tale of a clever child’s recollection of a summer’s day turned frightening.

Francesca, Kelly, and Kelly’s teenage sister Amanda are only meant to spend several hours at the pool together, while their professor parents finish up an afternoon of work at their lush, Oregon college. The younger girls are caught up in hair braiding and Marco Polo, but Amanda is poised on the cusp of an adult realm bursting with cruel secrets. When the girls run into a beautiful, anxious woman and her toddler, Amanda starts to act in ways that may well transform an unremarkable day into a dark turning point in all their lives. 

By turns enchanting and terrifying, and always bursting with vivid emotion, Frito Lay brings us deep into our own childhood memories, reminding us that the dark and sinister were never quite as far away as we might have believed.

Buy Frito Lay here.